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   Support services for property owners and expatriates.

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Non Habitual Residency Tax Status

In 2009, Portugal introduced a new tax regime for individuals moving to Portugal. This regime offers tax benefits for residents that have applied for this status for a period of 10 years. For example, people receiving pensions, rental income, capital gains or interest in Portugal from another country will not have to pay any tax on their income here. We help you apply for this status and give you any guidance and support needed.

Rental License

A new law published in 2014 requires all holiday rental homes or tourist properties to request a Rental License to the local councils. The house must comply with the characteristics requested by law.
There are a few obligations: communication to the SEF; invoices must be issued and send to the tax office, submit the tax return. We can help you to with all of these aspects. 

Vehicle Matriculation with tax or tax exemption

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of hiring a car every time you visit Portugal, the best option is to have your own car here. You can only have the vehicle in Portugal for 183 days, after that you are obliged to matriculate it or remove it from the country. We help you with all the process of matriculation and save you some time and stress from this bureaucratic process.

Fiscal Representation

This is the perfect option for you if you intend to own a house or business in Portugal and need help to comply with the Portuguese fiscal system. We offer fiscal representation for individuals and companies, being the intermediary between the non-resident and the Portuguese Fiscal Authorities in all matters.

Exchange or Register Driving Licenses

You can drive with a foreign driving license in Portugal for as long as it is not expired, you only have to register the license to the authorities. If you wish to exchange your driving license for a Portuguese one that is also possible by gathering all the necessary documentation and submitting the request. For both the registration and the exchange we are able to provide you with all the help and support needed for this process and save you the time involved in this process.

Insurance Quotation

Thinking that you are paying too much for your insurance or have you just purchased a property or a car in Portugal and need an insurance? Just contact us and we will be able to provide you with insurance quotations in a timely fashion manner for all types of insurances you may need.

Mortgages and Loans

If you want to purchase a property or a land or a car in Portugal and need funding or if you simply need a personal loan we are able to help. We will search for the best option for you, by working together we will guarantee you the best option that suits your needs and demands. Getting a loan approved is not an easy and stress-free process and we are here to ensure the smooth run of the process.

Investment in Portugal

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The length of the process it depends on the car that you wish to import. If the car has no problems and if you have all the necessary documentation is should not take more than 1 month.

You only need to do a practical driving test if your driving license is from outside the EU and you have been a resident in Portugal for more than 90 days.

Yes, you can import your car with an ISV exemption. For that you need to change your residency to Portugal and present documentation that proves your previous residency abroad alongside other requirements.

Yes, apart from applying for the rental license we can also make all the arrangements needed to rent it by working with rental agents to market your property.

About Us

Algarve Assistants is an innovative company, since 2006,  who are able to offer any form of support services for Portuguese property owners and visitors to Portugal.  

Whether you require a one off service such as car matriculation or a rental license for your house or regular on-going assistance such as fiscal representation or assistance with your property management Algarve Assistants are the company to meet your needs.

All our services can be provided on a one off basis or alternatively can form part of an annual contract combined with other services.

To give our clients the best possible service we are able to assist you from office on the Algarve, we have an office ideally located in Patacão near Faro.

If you have anything that you think we can help you with please give us as call and you will be impressed by the high quality and knowledgeable service that we will provide you with. Our mission is to save you money – but at the same time give you an unrivalled quality service.

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